Noise pollution: Modern Plague of this decade

Transportation systems are the major source of noise pollution in this country. Besides, loud music, speech meetings created in the densely populated public places by human beings hit our ears and disturb the environment. Noise pollution is also created from aircraft and rail transport, air conditioners, factories and construction works. Especially residence adjacent to airports and factories experience noise pollution too much and its adverse effects too much.

These days’ audio entertainment systems in the residential city parks are one of the most harmful and irritating factors specially for children and senior citizens. These above different types of noise pollution disturb our health and behaviour in a number of ways including deafness, lack of sleep, irritability, indigestion, heartburn, high blood pressure and heart disease. Just one noise explosion from a passing truck drastically alters endocrinal, neurological and cardiovascular functions in many individuals. If this is prolonged or frequent, the physiological disturbances become chronic and contribute to mental illness.

Noise pollution is measured in decibels. When noise is at 45 decibels, no human being can sleep, and at 120 decibels the ear is in pain and hearing begins to be damaged at 85 decibels. Increased noise levels give rise to a lack of concentration and accuracy at work which reduce one’s productivity and performance. Difficult tasks can be impaired. Instruction or warning is difficult to follow which sometimes may lead to accidents.

Solving noise problems in current situation is not going to be an easy task. But, at least some noise problems can be prevented by discussing and finding a common solution. As a minimum, try to be a good neighbour by not annoying those who live your next door with your music during special social occasions.

Dr Rubaiul Murshed
Source: The Daily Star, February 06, 2010

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