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National Nutrition Week for Bangladesh

Although malnutrition and nutritional disorder is very common, many people in Bangladesh do not have the knowledge about locally available food to meet their nutritional demand. Many people believe the misconception that nutrition is all about rich foods. The level of education and access to information on nutrition is extremely low. There is an urgent […]

Health services in bad shape

More than 100 top posts remain vacant for months, hampering health directorate’s work The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) fails to function properly, as there are no permanent officers in more than 100 top executive posts while many remain vacant for months. The post of the director general (DG) and two additional directors general […]

কিডনি সুস্থ রাখুন

বিশ্বজুড়ে ২৮ কোটিরও বেশি লোক ভুগছে ডায়াবেটিসে। এভাবে চলতে থাকলে ২০২৫ সালে তা ৪৪ কোটি ছাড়িয়ে যেতে পারে অনুমান। অনেকেই জানেননা যে ডায়াবেটিসের সঙ্গে কিডনি রোগের রয়েছে ঘনিষ্ট সম্পর্ক। বস্তুত: ডায়াবেটিসে আক্রান- লোকের এক তৃতীয়াংশের রয়েছে ডায়াবেটিস জনিত কিডনি রোগ, ডাক্তারি ভাষায় ডায়াবেটিক নেফ্রোপ্যাথি। এসব বিষয় জনগণকে জানাতে হবে, জনগণকে সচেতন করে তুলতে হবে। স্বাস্থ্যের […]

How to memorise things better

How to memorise things better

Memory is the mental registration, retention and recollection of past experiences, sensation or thought. Sometimes we cannot retrieve important information that we stored in our brain. Many people forget things easily. Memory impairment is embarrassing too. With some of the following exercise we can memorise things better. Brain exercises Memory is like muscular strength. The […]

Save the Children initiates campaign to save every child’s life

Although Bangladesh has made significant achievements in reducing child mortality in the last decades, almost 250,000 children under-5 die yearly from preventable diseases. Fifty-seven percent of under five deaths occur in the newborn period. Once they are out of the newborn period, diarrhea (20 percent) and pneumonia (18 percent) are the biggest threats to children’s […]

Cancer care by patient assistance programme

Cancer care by patient assistance programme

Sanofi-aventis, one of the largest multinational pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh has decided to provide its revolutionary anti-cancer drug “Taxotere” at an affordable price as a part of its patient assistance programme, says a press release. Patient assistance programme was inaugurated recently in a local hotel in the city. Iftekharul Islam, Managing Director of sanofi-aventis, Bangladesh spoke […]

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